The Chairman who tripled as the leader and flag bearer of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has said that his party is considered as the main opposition party in Sierra Leone.

Mohamed Kamarainba

He made this statement at the party’s convention held last Friday at the Miata conference centre in Freetown.

The leader of the party said that the reason for that assertion was because they have been holding the government accountable and asking them for transparency.

Speaking on their ideology Kamarainba said that as their motto is “opportunity to all, responsibility from all”, they want to see that the era of corrupt governments is ended in the country.

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He said in addition that the party wants to give a start to every individual so that they will in turn move on. Kamarainba continued that as a party they believe in community responsibility and social justice and to arouse the sense of culture needed in the country.

He said that he wants to bring change in the country and that “we won’t grow as a nation except if we think our thoughts clearly”.

Addressing the delegates, comprising of about 80% youths after his election as leader of the party, he also said that his appointment as leader of the party by the delegation was the definition of the hope they have lost in the country. He said since 1961, the country for fifty five years has been going down the drain.

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“The two political parties that have governed this country have failed us. This is why we are not considering ourselves as a third force, we are the right force! We are the best force! We are the next choice!” he affirmed.

He further stated that the country lacks integrity, transparency and accountability and to make a difference “I will make sure I tell you how much you are paying me come 2018 when I become president of this country,” he assured.