The headquarters of a Sierra Leone opposition party, Alliance Democratic Party was set on fire earlier today, Tuesday 29th August 2017.

Sources close to the scene of the scene said the incident happened around 11am on Tuesday Morning.

When contacted, the leader of the Alliance Democratic Party, Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray said that a petrol bomb was used to escalate the fire which raved the various offices in the building, burning down everything completely.

Several social media followers of the party have however alleged the ruling All People’s Congress as being responsible for the fire. According to Hadi Bah, “Because of their record, APC is suspect number one when events like this happen. The same can’t happen at Bio’s party because the SLPP hq is surrounded by young toughs 24/7.”

Another social media user Kortor Kamara wrote:, “This is clearly intended as a message of intimidation to opposition parties and marks an unbelievable naivety and misunderstanding by the governing APC of our recent political history.

Only the young and deniers of history and current political trends are attempting to obfuscate the who and why the ADP party office is on fire today.

But as a living testament to APC vandalism and thuggery in the early 1980s, culminating in the petrol fire bombing of our printing press, ironically at the same Rawdon street in 1985, this is not surprising and bears the hallmark of APC intimidation tactics in the run up to the upcoming elections.

To some of us who experienced the same at the hands of the Siaka Stevens APC in 1985, these disturbing patterns do not seem to augur well for a non violence electioneering.

It is high time descent members of the APC party condemn such acts of violent intimidation and call out the violent tendencies in their mist. The international community must also be on notice to pay serious attention to these isolated intimidation cases so as to prevent their cascading effects resulting in to a greater catastrophe for the nation.”

As at Press time, the fire has been put off. However, “documents and properties worth millions has been destroyed”, Kamarainba said.