Members of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) on Friday May 6, 2016 poured out in their large numbers from different parts of Sierra Leone and elected a new national executive that will man the affair of the party for the next three years.

Party members in Freetown also shunned commercial activities as they turned out en mass to listen to the political message of their elected executive.

The election which was held at the Miatta Conference Center in Freetown drew observers from various political parties among others. Thousands of delegates voted in the election that was described as credible, transparent free and fair by commissioner Alhaji Mutarru Williams of PPRC.

The commissioner of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), Mutarru Williams in his address to the delegates and contestants said political parties are vital to the politics of this country adding that they are important to the political and electoral processes including democracy.

He noted that election is key to democracy stressing that political parties are the gateway to run the affair of the State. He said it is difficult to see a country governed without political parties.

The PPRC Commissioner expressed concern on the legal aspect of the executive and therefore advised that members should not hire hoodlum to attack their own party office.
He thanked the ADP members for tuning up for their occasion.

In his key not address, after being elected as chairman and leader of ADP, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray said under his leadership he will ensure that the ADP capture the seat of the Presidency at State House via the ballot box in 2018.
He promised to clean up corruption in the country when he wins the 2018 elections.

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He noted that ADP is a strong political institution with a solid foundation, adding that although political parties have their various slogan but has no ideologies. He boasted that the ADP is the only political entity that has eight points political ideology which he read out to the audience in the presence of other political parties representatives.

He said he has been able to create a dichotomy in ADP and across the country thinking national and not on party basis.

Mansaray said it is because of those good works there are more people coming in now to join the party. He registered his party continued support to the nation and called on his members to work with him to enhance the desire of the country.

Earlier, prominent party Stalwarts from the United States of America including; Ibrahim Suma aka ‘Brima Togo’ chairman at the Washington DC, Tom Junisa from California, Marriff Bah from Philadelphia and Osman Tolo from Maryland had the podium and promised to ensure that Kamarainba’s election bid as President must be successful.

They said the ADP is not a one man owned political party as people are claiming. They unanimously said that they were in the country primarily to support Kamarainba because they believed in his vision.

Meanwhile, among the seventeen positions, Ibrahim Suma aka ‘Brima Togo’ Isata Abdulai Kamara, Alimamy Kamara, Said Kalokoh, Bami Thomas, Juliet G. R Kanu, were elected unopposed for the positions of deputy national chairman, national Secretary General, Publicity Secretary, Financial Secretary, assistant national organizing Secretary, Treasurer, Imam respectively.

Police maintained free flow of people with tight security measures and the entire process was extremely transparent.

David Gbla who requested for voting to be openly done because his face and names were not written on the ballot papers at the time he paid his nomination fees walked out of the election hall with three of his supporters contradicting his own request.

He said he was objecting the electioneering process because he had been allegedly intimidated by the process and that he was no longer interested in his early proposal.