Former Interim National Secretary General of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) David Gbla has vowed to disgracefully trash the former National Chairman and Leader, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray in the party’s convention slated for today 5th and tomorrow 7th May at the Miata Conference hall in Freetown.


It can be recalled that the country’s Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) yesterday Thursday 5th May officially confirmed that Gbla is sufficiently fit and highly qualified to vote and be voted for in the convention. Therefore, in the convention, Gbla will be contesting for the party’s leadership against Kamarainba.

Whilst Kamarainba has vowed to retain the seat for which there has been dozens of allegations from members and supporters that he failed them during his interim leadership, Gbla is busy making in-roads to make Kamarainba “have a crawl for his money.”

Both candidates have boasted of having more popularity than the other and all eyes and ears are now widely open to see who is the ADP man among the two.

Many supporters and loyalists of both camps are now referring to today’s convention/elections fight between Kamarainba and Gbla as that which is similar to the DAVID AND GOLIATH battle in the scriptures and many are aiming to see history repeating itself…a scene where David will again knock down Goliath in shame.