Addax Bioenergy, a Swiss-owned  sugarcane-based renewable energy is set to lay off about half of its current workforce later this month, company sources has revealed.

Addax Bioenergy

According to informants, many of the over 800 workers have been on half pay for almost a year.

ADDAX controversially acquired nearly 10,000 hectares of land in Bombali and Tonkolili districts to grow sugarcane, promising to provide over 85,000m3 of ethanol and approximately 100,000 MWh of renewable energy for European markets.

The company initiated the project in Makeni in 2008 and it started its operations in 2014.

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“We will produce sustainable bio-ethanol from sugarcane for export and for domestic use, as well as ‘green’ electricity from a biomass-fuelled plant that will power the ethanol refinery and supply approximately 20 per cent of the needs of the Sierra Leone national grid.”, the company stated in it’s official website.

It also promised to provide 15 MW of power for the Sierra Leone central grid. It however currently consumes about 4MW of the country’s own Bumbuna hydro electricity.