Credible information from sources knowledgeable about the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) say bail has finally been granted to two of the three suspects deported from Saudi Arabia over the corruption matter now dubbed Hajj-gate.

Alhaji Nuru Deen Sankoh and Alhaji Mohamed Alie Bah were on Monday September 18th 2017 released from two weeks of lock and key custody in a very safe and secured location in Western Freetown. The two men both had sureties with landed properties (house book) who bailed them.

However, the third suspect, Alhaji Sheka Shekito Kamara was unable to get a surety so although he was released from the secured location, he was immediately transferred into a cell at the Criminal Investigations Department of the Police along Slater Terrace.

Sources say the ACC in the last two weeks of intensive questioning of the detained three men, have gotten cooperation from the men. The ACC has been diligently unraveling the facts around the multi-faceted scandal which hit government circles exactly one month ago.

According to our sources, after the now-concluded questioning of the three suspects, the ACC will turn its attention to questioning others.
Our sources say some of the questions will include why the Director General of the Civil Service HRMO Mr. A.R. Bayoh decided to send the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Social Welfare to go to Saudi Arabia on a purported leave when all conditions prevalent at the time, pointed for otherwise.

They will also include questioning of other civil servants for them to help unravel the mess. It is not clear if any civil servant has been questioned so far by the ACC.

What our sources could also not confirm is whether the ACC intends to question persons known to be ?? “big fishes” and ?? “sacred cows” in the current politics.

Such a person whom may be among-st those subjected to being questioned by the ACC, is the Honourable Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Ambassador Dr. Victor Bockarie Foh. This is because it was VP Foh who supervised all the three actors arrested over the botched and corrupt Hajj arrangements.

Another politician who may be questioned is the Deputy Chairman & Leader of the ruling APC party Honourable Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray who is a sitting Cabinet Minister and whom it was who chaired the Hajj Committee.