The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) led by the Commissioner, Ady Macauley Esq. on Friday 22nd April 2016 presented the Commission’s position paper to the Chairman of the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) Hon. Justice Edmond Cowan, at the Board Room of the Committee, Miatta Conference Centre, Brookfields, Freetown.

ACC- Ady Macauly Presents Posotion Paper To CRC

Briefing the Chairman of the CRC, Mr. Macauley underscored the crucial and important role the ACC continue to play in the governance structure of the country. He emphasized that the existence of the Commission should be guaranteed in the Constitution as in the case of Audit Service Sierra Leone. It will increase on the independence of the institution, noting also, political leaders who are not committed to the fight against corruption will easily De-commission it once its establishment is that of an Act of Parliament, Commissioner Macauley added.

Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Hon. Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara Esq. maintained that he will dispassionately look at the document once it gets to his desk, but that his fingerprints are on the position paper, since he was the former Head. Hon. Joseph Kamara furthered that public confidence in the ACC will be enhanced once its existence is safeguarded with its integration into the National Constitution.

The Deputy Commissioner, Shollay Davies, in his submission congratulated the CRC for the outstanding work and stressed that the presentation of the position paper is the right thing to do in advancing the fight against corruption.

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Responding, Hon. Justice Cowan congratulated Mr. Ady Macauley on his appointment as Commissioner of the ACC, and reminded him that the task was enormous and daunting.

He welcomed the team from ACC and mentioned, he has been looking forward to this opportunity. He re-echoed that not all issues submitted to the CRC will be incorporated in the Constitution, as consideration will be given to matters of serious concern to the citizens that will stand the test of time, address the past, and cater for the present and future needs of the State. The CRC will take the ACC’s position paper into good path he concluded.

The position paper clearly states; “But if the Commission’s successes are to be sustained, its life span secured and its staff members emboldened in the fight against corruption, then an urgent action must be taken to insulate the Commission within the new constitution of Sierra Leone”.