The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has on Friday 4th January 2019 commenced investigations involving Dennis Sandy, former Minister of Lands Housing and the Environment under the former All People’s Congress (APC) government.

Dr. Dennis Sandy, who is now serving in the same capacity as Housing Minister, is being investigated for corruption and abuse of office.

It is understood that Sandy is keeping his job for now, subject to the outcome of corruption investigations into fraudulent private land deals.

According to a source at the ACC speaking to the Sierra Leone Telegraph, the allegations which have been made by several private individuals are in regard to the possible abuse of office, contrary to section 42 (1) of the ACC Act 2008.

One of the allegations made against Dr Sandy is that, “Dr. Sandy is on record to have sold over 30 acres of community land at Mogegba, Mothaim, Gloucester, etc. in addition to issuing National Revenue Authority (NRA) receipts way below the actual amounts paid to members of the public, who apply for Freehold on various State Lands around Freetown”.

Sources at the ACC said that they are investigating every allegation made against minister Sandy, and that if found wanting, Sandy will face justice accordingly.

Meanwhile, the Commission has also invited Alimamy Kamara, former Minister of Youth and later Ambassador to Iran to answer to allegations of corruption with regards the Youth Farm and Youth Village project. Kamara is set to make himself available to the ACC this week for questioning.