Born here, raised here and tirelessly passionate about the place called Freetown, Prince has spent most of his adult life working to build Freetown’s future. His experiences in the private, non-profit and public sectors have given him a well-rounded view of the diverse perspectives of this city, and the opportunities we have to make it better.

Prince Harold Thrope

Given his knack for tackling issues and engaging people, Prince’s background in Project management comes as no surprise. Throughout his education, Prince volunteered and worked to help Freetown and Sierra Leone Better. With his Bachelor of Commerce degree (including his PMP, CRM, BA professional designation) in hand in 2008, Prince founded the Friends like Brother Society which main goal is to be role model to the next generation.

Prince’s strong interest in civic issues, community life and urban development, as well as a concern that talent was leaving Freetown, led him to believe that better is always Possible in Freetown.

Prince has leveraged his pragmatism, creativity, and collaborative attitude in working to build the City of Freetown. His command of issues and his passion for people have helped to address the increasingly challenging issues faced by Freetown during a period of rapid growth and evolution. Prince has approached his work with the goal of making Freetown a place where our children and grandchildren will have economic opportunity and a high quality of life, a place they will want to call their home.

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Prince has been a champion of investment that Will bring long-term value for citizens. He has been a leading voice for the Rezoning of our city, he has also pushed for strategic planning of transportation planning and transit that is better integrated with neighbourhoods and development as our city grows.

Prince knows that to attract and keep our best and brightest, Freetown needs to offer a vibrant and energetic culture. He has engaged young people to help bring fresh ideas and programs to our city.

As our city has evolved, so too has Prince’s life. While working to build our growing city, Prince has juggled a growing family his wife Patty, a nurse. Prince’s family is an enduring source of strength and inspiration as he pursues ways to make Freetown more attractive and affordable for families. Prince’s greatest aspiration for Freetown’s future is to make it a place that his children and grandchildren will continue to choose to call home, with a strong economy and high quality of life.