At least 144 Sierra Leoneans illegally recruited for job seeking were living in Kuwait homeless, Sierra Leone’s ambassador to the Gulf State said Saturday.

Slaves In Kuwait

Mr Ibrahim Kamara, who is currently in Freetown, was quoted saying these affected people were recruited without the knowledge of the embassy, which has made it difficult for them to act. He said 50 of them were women.

The embassy is currently taken care of 109 Sierra Leoneans in this situation. Sierra Leone officials have had difficult time trying to deal with the problem that has been fuelled by growing unemployment in the country.

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Social media in particular have been awash with reports of abuse meted out to some of these people, especially the women.

The public anger has been directed at the government for not been seen to be doing anything about it.

Some people have accused the government of complacency in what is now seen as a ring of human trafficking. But Mr Kamara denied this, insisting that the recruitment’s were done without the embassy’s knowledge.