We are often tempted to eulogize people who inspire us, but when it becomes clear that such individuals have exceeded expectations to become embodiments of hope and transformation, then it behoves us to escalate such eulogies to louder acclamations….thunderous acclamations that should re-echo from the Freetown Peninsular right through the Wara Wara Mountains, the Kangari Hills, Loma Mountains and the fresh foliage of the Gola Forest.


Happy Birthday, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone!! A life spent worthily is measured in deeds, not years. At the golden age of 63, you have conquered adversity to give hope to a nation once beleaguered by tragic and painful episodes unwittingly choreographed by Her own children.

The 2nd of October is now a pleasant reminder of the day a nation called Sierra Leone received news of a son… a son who shall carry the burden of transforming the lives of seven 7 million people..…..A day Mama Alice and Pa Sylvanus Koroma rejoiced for bringing forth a son that grew up to become a fine gentleman.

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Yes, we call you “world best”, the “political messi” not because of any known soccer skills but because of the flair and dignity you brought to the Presidency. Your decisive election victories are livid testimonies of your country men and women had singled you out to do great things. Indeed, you came, you saw, and you conquered. Watin nar good roads?? look am pack…watin nar light??? look am wuteteh…watin nar free health care? Look am zoo!!.

The achievements are far too many to catalogue in a single birthday message. In the midst of a harsh global economic climate, you have given us a reason to believe in ourselves and rise up to the challenge of building our own economy. Your ever radiant smile has come to represent your envious tolerance. Your benevolence is unmatched.

As you celebrate your birthday, we pray that God continue to grant you infinite wisdom to uphold the principles of unity Freedom and Justice. We are not sure where or how you will spend this glorious day, but whatever will be the case, we are sure Aunty Sia will be there to make the day more meaningful. Have a blast Supremo. [By Platinum Media]