Petroleone Sierra Leone has imported 8,500 tons of petrol and the vessel arrives in Freetown today, the Executive Chairman of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency, Dan Mason says in an interview. The vessel will berth at the Kissy Oil Jetty.

Petroleone Sierra Leone is an oil marketing company and has imported petrol for both National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Ltd and for Total SL Ltd, he says.

He stressed that he has advised the oil marketing companies to speed up the arrival of the vessel at the Freetown Port.

The Freetown port for oil vessels is the Kissy Oil Jetty.

There were queues at some filling stations across Freetown for petrol yesterday. Some took to social media to announce that there was fuel shortage. The Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) sent some of its staff to different stations in the west and east of Freetown to ensure no dealer or station owner paints a scene of petrol scarcity.

Enough petrol is in the country and no need for panic buying let alone talking of fuel shortage, Mr. Mason says.