• By Hassan Bruz, Northern Bureau Chief

Bai Sesay, Amara Sesay, Baimbay Sesay, Sallieu Sesay and 4 others form Makoth and the surrounding are on trial at the Magistrate Court in Port Loko. They were arraigned before Magistrate Augustine Samura in connection with the property said to have been stolen from the Mathaska Ebola Treatment Unit [ETU] that was situated at the back of the District Health Management Complex in Port Loko.

Items include: cabinets, iron ladders, wire mesh, dust bins, spraying machines, wheelbarrows and several other items estimated at over millions of Leones were carted away after thieves stormed the Unit.

The Items were handed over to Paramount Chief Alikali Mella on behalf of the People of Maforki Chiefdom, after the Unit was officially closed down after the Ebola war in the Country. Owning to the fact that, the Unit is at distance from the township of Port Loko, the Paramount Chief decided to hire the services of the people of Makoth village to secure these items until a decision is reached on how to dispense them.

When the employed villagers realised that their service was not being paid for by the Paramount Chief, their leader – Osman Conteh told the Paramount Chief that they were going to relinquish the job. As a result of this, the Paramount Chief thought the only alternative was to ensure that the items were removed from the Unit without further delay.

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The Villagers got wind of the plans of the Paramount Chief and quickly came to the conclusion that their services would remain in vain if they did not seek out swift ways to ‘pay themselves.

Few days later, the Chiefdom Speaker – Malapay Tarawalli was instructed by the Paramount Chief to mobilise a taskforce to collect the materials from the Mathaska Ebola Treatment Unit .But the Chiefdom Speaker and his team were shocked in noting that the doors to the Unit have been forced opened and all the materials carted away.

Bai Sesay and 7 others were subsequently invited, detained and eventually charged with the offences of Conspiracy, Office Breaking and Larceny.

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Inspector Sillah is the Prosecuting Officer in this matter. He has led a total of 3 witness in evidence of which 2 were witnesses of fact. The formal witness- Detective Police Constable Santigie Kamara of the Crime Department at the Port Loko Police Station indentified the exhibits that were found at the residences of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Accused Persons. He told the Court that it was the 1st accused person- Bai Sesay that made mentioned of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th accused persons as part of the team that took away the property from the Unit.

All the 8 accused persons were sent on remand at the Correctional Centre in Port Loko as the matter was adjourned to next Wednesday when the court will starts to open their defence.