The General Manager of SALHOC Lavern Buya-Kamara during the launching ceremony of the first ever home fair and exhibition over the weekend said that 70% of sierra Leonean doesn’t own a house, Lands or Car from the recent survey done by Sierra Leone housing cooperation last year.

Lavern Buya-Kamara
She said that SALHOC was established by an act of parliament in 1982 and it was amended in 1986 to create a saving and a lone scheme with their mandate to developed land for residential and other community proposes, they construct houses and proves loans for construction of houses and building material and other related items.

Buya- Kamara said that 65% of Sierra Leoneans are living in sub-standard houses in the country in which her office is working hard to see how best government build more locus houses in the country which will put the tension of houses to an end in the next three years.

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She said that in April 2015 SALHOC in association with the cooperative housing foundation in Sierra Leone conducted a social economic a survey which show that 70% of sierra Leoneans doesn’t own a house, Lands or Car.

She added that the survey show that 16 % of sierra Leoneans lives in rented house and the house hold ranges from 5-7and three in a room.
Vice President of Sierra Leone Victor Bockarie Foh launched the first ever home fair in the country in his statement representing President Koroma state that the comfort of the citizen has been the tin of President Koroma agenda. He however said that the president has engaged with the Italian company for the building of structures at affordable price to be distributed across the country with an estimation of 5000 houses.

“the home fair and exhibition is to showcase our artisan product and to help create a data base to train local Artisan and for them to value with increasing awareness affordability with use of silver Ram-Bricks and gain access to financial from NGO and to empower young people using the opportunity to learn the job.”

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During the closure on Sunday she thank all sierra Leoneans for their supports and assure sierra Leoneans that houses will be tin of the past in years to come with the help of the government as sierra Leonean need cheap and affordable house for all.

“This home fair and exhibition has shown some of our local materials which can be used to build house that can save cost.”