Police in the Kissy mess division has started investigating a retired soldier, Dauda Sesay, who was alleged of stabbing his mother to death in Grafton.


It was gathered that the incident happened on Wednesday 10th February in one of the mountain villages in Freetown Sierra Leone.

Narrating the incident, Mariatu Kamara, a neighbor to the deceased said, “Yesterday,  the alleged killer locked himself in the house for the rest of the day. A small boy went and knock at the door and alleged killer asked who is that and the boy replied is me,uncle Dauda what is the problem? then the alleged killer asked who are you? And who is in the sitting room? And the boy replied no one is here And the alleged killer replied as i step my foot outside anyone i set my eyes on i will kill that person, So i get up and i went to him, I met him hold an iron and told him Uncle Dauda before u commit any crime u need to call a man of God to pray for u and he replied i will go nowhere and i abandon him and went to some neighbours and told them that i’m afraid of dauda’s behaviour and night is approaching.

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I later took my phone and called my husband and told him that Ibrahim u need to come as u are the only that can put Dauda under control when He becomes wild and i’m not happy about his present situation and my husband told me that i should go and sleep to one of the neighbors but i didn’t slept there so i later go to church and when return home i met his door close by then it was 11:30pm.

Later heard him praying for mercy to God until he later set fire but don’t really know what he was doing, I later slept at 3:30am, around 6am his voice woke me up as he was shouting thief, I looked through the window but the place wasn’t clear so i later sat on the chair as i was trying to sleep and he came at my door and knocked that was around 7am and i asked who is that? And he said is me, Aunty Sia, I opened the door and he lean on me and said Aunty Sia I’ve commit murder and i need an advice from u, I’ve killed my mother so i need ur advice and he asked for my phone and i told him i don’t have credit in my phone and he said okay i will buy credit and i gave him the phone so i said let me go and empty my urinate rubber after doing that i ran to the police station.”

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Narrating his own knowledge of the incident, The assistant secretary of the CRS cite community, Marie Kandeh said, “This early morning as I was preparing to attend a programe with the women I saw many people were running and i asked what’s the problem? And they replied Dauda have killed his mother and i asked again Dauda have killed his mother realy and they said yes and they said he locked himself and ordered to call the chief. The chairman immediately said they should alert the police so I went there and thank God i met him there and he open and i sent some guys to check if his mother is dead and the guys said yes, She is lying there with blood allover her and i went in and met Dauda and i hold him and took him inside and said Dauda so this is the way u ended up with this woman, the woman whom gave birth to u, He tries to go out and i hold him and embrace him and i told the guys to hold and take him to the station.”

Madam Kandeh further explained that the accused was dismissed from the military.  “He was working in the military for 13yr but he was recently dismissed, So i was to know the main reason behind his dismissed and he has been given alot of problem here about 3yr ago he almost commit the same crime which ended him in jail because he was a soldier….”

According the Mami Yeli Sesay, one of the daughter of the decased, “We have been receiving complains about him so i told one of our sister to go and approach him but she was afraid and i said i will go and facing him let him kill me if he like, He explained to me that he saw someone walking inside he woke the late woman and she couldn’t woke up and i told him the late woman was sleeping at the same time walking, You have drained the late woman, You are always giving her trouble, We have given you everything.

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He took me in and said something normally walks through him and i told him if he is crazy,you have been working for 13yr and during that 13yr u have never brought a single bag of rice and went to our mother and beg her and early this morning he called me that some thieves broke into the house and stabbed our mother to death,and thieves have never visited their home and we onboard transport and meet this situation.”

It was however further gathered that Dauda was a target for many people in the community.

A member of the community who spoke on anonymity said He has unsual behaviour. He narrated how Dauda brought in some soldiers and attack a whole house and flog every one in the house.

“We intervened and report to the defence so we decided we that we don’t want to see him in our community. But when he was dismissed his mother brought him unknown to the elders of the community.”

The chairperson of the community Timothy M. Suaray also spoke about his feelings towards the incident.

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“I made the report on behalf of the community and when I spoke to him Dauda how is the morning? And he replied good morning sir Mr timothy, He spoke to me in that manner and I said what really happen? And he said let the woman go and rest is been a while she has been disturbing me that was the reason I killed her and i asked the time he killed her and he said around 4:30-5:00am and he is really speaking with confidence and he has no regret.”

Dauda Sesay is currently under police custody in the kissy mess police division pending investigations.