Six-year-old girl, name withheld, is alleged to have attempted to commit suicide after she tries to do what she has seen in a Nigerian movie she and her peers have been watching, family sources have said.


Neighbours, with whose children she had watched the movie, recalled that she had attempted to hand herself after what she’d seen in the movie in which somebody was said to have hanged himself and died.

Speaking with some of her friends and colleagues about the incident, they said that after we returned home from school we decided to watch movie. Whilst we were watching this movie there was a particular scene in the movies that shows someone hanged as soon as we saw this Isatu Said that we should try it out, it will be fun she said we advice her but she didn’t listen to us.

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So she went in their room and took her father’s belt out, tied the belt against the ceiling and hanged herself. We tried all our best to cut her down but we just couldn’t that was when we decided to call others outside for help and fortunately for us we were very lucky to find people outside. They rush in and cut her down and at that time she was almost up. She was then rushed to the hospital were the Doctors were able to resuscitate her.

Speaking with the mother Hawa Sankoh, she said I was doing my business when I got the news, I almost fainted. This is unlike her; she is not that type of child that usually wants to try something she saw in movies. I am a rice seller (cookery) so I usually spent the whole day in my place of business and my husband goes to work early every day. After she returns from school I usually ask her to return home changed and then meet me in my place of business.

Speaking with other people in the compound, this is the normal routine for this girl and her colleagues. For every time they return from school they usually spent the rest of the day home watching movies.

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With these entire aside the real question we should be asking is whether we should allowed our children to watch Nigerian movies when we are not at home or whether we should allowed them to watch these movies at all. No matter which way one tend to look at this issue, you can argue for either for or against one thing that we clear stands out is that these movies has an effect of these kids. Some parents had all ready started calling on the Government to regulate the affairs of these movies. Sierra Leone is flooded with Nigerian movies. What is the Government doing to stop the influx of Nigerian movies into the country?

As parents we should protect our children from all forms that will leads to their live been in danger.