Magistrate Mohamed Salieu-Seray Wurie at Court No. 6 in Freetown yesterday convicted and sentenced six men to 36 months imprisonment for disorderly behaviour along Kissy Road in Freetown.


The convicted accused persons comprising Lansana Foday, Ibrahim Koroma, Alhaji Moseray, Mohamed Samuel Mansaray, Mamadu Jalloh and Abu Dauda Kamapo were charged with the offence of disorderly behaviour contrary to the 1965 Public Order Act.

The prosecution led by ASP Mohamed A. Fofana stated that the convicts on Saturday 13th December 2015 at Kissy Road in Freetown were spotted along Kissy Road shouting above their normal voice and behaving in a disorderly manner, heating citizens’ vehicles and were arrested on the instruction of ASP Kelvin Samura acting on report from aggrieved citizens.

In his judgment, Magistrate Seray-Wurie said the conduct of the convicted persons was uncalled for and totally out of order and therefore each of them is to serve a term of six months in prison concurrently with no alternative of a fine.

Meanwhile, the convicts were driven to and locked up at the Male Correctional Centre at Pademba Road in Freetown.