There is a famous saying that one would never stop seeing, hearing or experiencing wonders until he or she dies. Rochen village, about a mile from Makeni city, turned into a mysterious place after news of a 56 year old Pa Lamina Turay was buried alive.

News broke out at the Rogbaneh police station on Monday 22nd February 2016 at mid day about discovering the aged man, Pa Lamin Turay, in an old grave after missing for two days from his Rochen village which prompted the police and journalists to visit the scene.

On arrival at the scene it was discovered that the 56 year old man after pulled out of the pit was rushed to the Government hospital in Makama for medical check-up.

According to Pa Santigie Kamara, the eldest of the Turay’s in Rochen village, there is an outstanding issue around a family land between the 56 year old man, Pa Lamin that was buried alive and his younger brother, Yayah Turay. He said the land dispute is presently before the State Counsel and the police in Makeni.

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Pa Santigie alleged that it all started when the younger brother, Yayah Turay sold pieces of their family land at Romuluta and Rochen villages, respectively without the knowledge of his elder brother, Lamin Turay who, according to Pa Santigie Kamara, went and made an official complaint to both the State Counsel and the Local Unit Commander (LUC) at the Pan Lap Police Division.

He went on to state that the State Counsel did visit the sites and found that plantations and other properties have been destroyed which led to the arrest of 7 people suspected to have been involved in the process.

Pa Santigie Kamara said the said land dispute has been ongoing for the past one year with all the documents being in the hands of the State Counsel and that the LUC also had ordered the district agriculture office to value the destroyed plantations. He said on Saturday, 20th February they were woke-up with news of the missing Pa Lamina.

He said youths and his children in Rochen searched almost everywhere for him, not until Monday 22nd February when they decided to search round the village burial site that they heard a voice from afar calling for help only for them to discover it was Pa Lamina in an old pit.

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In a snap interview with the old man at Makama Government hospital where he is responding to treatment, he told Awoko that he received a phone call from an unknown caller, requesting for a meeting with him at the disputed land site. He said he then honoured the call and went there, stating that on arrival at the scene, he found some men dressed in black with mask on their faces who rushed at him and grabbed him.

Meanwhile, the nurses warned that the old man be allowed to rest while the police at Pan Lap investigate the matter.