Magistrate Dr. Abubakar Binneh Kamara of Court N0.1 in Freetown has on Friday 18 June 2016 remanded Bobson Conteh at the Male Correctional Centre in the west part of Freetown for the offence of Sexual Penetration of a Child under the age of eighteen years contrary to the Child Rights Act of 2000.

Supreme Court SL

According to the charge sheet the accused, Bobson Conteh is alleged to have penetrated the sexual organs of a thirteen years old girl at Rogbangba along the Freetown-Waterloo Highway on the 15 May 2016, but that the accused pleaded not guilty to the charge proffered against him.

Although a single evidence was not led, but that Police Sergeant Gbassay Fofanah announced her representation on behalf of the prosecuting team.

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The accused, Bobson Conteh had no legal representation and Magistrate Abubakar Binneh Kamara adjourned the matter to Monday 22 June 2016.

Very recently, Magistrate Binneh Kamara raised serious concern over the alarming rate of sexual abuse and other offences perpetrated on teenage girls, describing it as uncultured and having the tendency to bleak the future of the country’s future generation.

As a result of this disgraceful and awful trend gradually eating into the cultural and educational fabric of young and promising teenage girls, coupled with sexual offences brought against accused persons or called them perpetrators, Magistrate Binneh has adopted an administrative strategy to adjudicate sexual offences cases in his Chambers before hearing other civil and criminal matters in open court session.

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In a separate development, Magistrate Binneh Kamara has on Friday 17 June 2016 sentenced Joshua Sankoh to seven months imprisonment or pays a fine of seven hundred thousand Leones to the court sub judicial treasury for the illegal possession of twenty four parcels of leaves suspected to be cannabis sativa, contrary to the Pharmacy and Drug Act of 2001.

He also sentenced the remaining eight accused persons to six months imprisonment or pay a fine of three hundred thousand leones, and the particulars of the offence state that all nine accused persons were arrested were arrested on Saturday 11 June 2016, at a place used for smoking marijuana in the Freetown central business district. All accused persons pleaded guilty to the charge proffered against them.