We women have made names for ourselves for being highly picky and uncommitted when it comes to the men we choose to mingle with and that is simply because we always tend to set the bar really high. We always look out for faults with which to judge our men instead of looking for some really important qualities in them.

Ladies, let’s tell ourselves the truth, how many of us have told off a guy just because of some silly ‘supposed’ bad habit he exhibited at one point, when we didn’t even get a chance to see his qualities? There are a lot great men out there that have the qualities we really need, if and only if we can see past their weaknesses (supposed bad habits).

For those of us who are overly picky and sometimes confused, here are 5 qualities we should really look out for in a man;


By nature, we humans are imperfect and we tend to make more mistakes than we will ever admit, that said, the best quality a can posses is the ability to admit he was wrong whenever he makes a mistake and work towards fixing it.
Even the most successful people today have experienced failure and defeat, but instead of dodging from it, they openly embrace it. A good man will admit he is wrong, a great man will admit he is wrong and will become a better person because of it.


Truthfully, we woman love to be showered with gifts and money, when it’s time for valentine or any special occasion, we expect our man to give us things like flowers, shoes, bags and the rest and if he doesn’t deliver any of those, we assume he doesn’t care about the relationship.

The rare truth is, a man who gives his time rather than money is the real deal. A man who will give you his attention is more precious than that very one that showers you gifts, yet he’s never around. A man who values time and memories over material things is Priceless.


To start with, some of us don’t even like it when we are told the reality, we are used to living in a world where things are shrug off and prefer to say “it’s okay” even when it’s not. A man who’s not afraid to tell you ” how it is” is hard to come by, a straight forward and honest man would want to know what the matter is, simply because he would love to help, this sometimes comes with “tough love”, because you will hear things you really don’t want to, but in the long run, it’s best to hear it and have it dealt with.


The ability to embrace someone else’s trials or jubilation is one of the most powerful emotions. It’s great to have a man who can understand your pains and also take part in your joy, he’s not afraid to put himself in your shoes so he can see things as you see them and do his best to move forth in a positive manner.


It is very important to have a partner who can laugh at himself when the going gets tough, as it is, life is tough, and it will be tougher when taken too seriously, have a partner who wouldn’t take out any form of frustration on you, but would rather take a break, laugh it off and get back to set it right.