Forty eight years old man, Ibrahim Dumbuya has on Monday 25 July 2016 arraigned before Justice Miatta Samba of the High court of Sierra Leone for allegedly penetrating the sexual organs of a thirteen years old girl, contrary to the Sexual Offences Act of the laws of Sierra Leone.


In her evidence in Chief, the victim name withheld disclosed that Ibrahim Dumbuya used his fingers to tamper with her sexual organs while she was in a deep slumber at her Kimbima road residence at Aberdeen in Freetown.

According to the witness, prior to the incident her Uncle, Ibrahim Sorrie sent her to buy some fish at a nearby marker and upon her return, she could not see her Uncle, but met the accused person alone who also happened to shared the same residence them.

The witness further disclosed that, when the accused realized that her Uncle was not around, the accused person lured and seduced her into his room and requested a sexual expedition from her, but that she refused and later, she said the accused, Ibrahim Dumbuya proposed to used his finger to penetrate her sexual organs and she again refused to comply with the accused demand for sex.

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She explained that, she left the accused in his room and decided to have rest in the general parlor, stating that while she was in a deep slumber, she felt the accused person penis displaying right inside her virgina, and that she immediately told the accused stop doing such thing to her.

While I was struggling to slip under the accused, she said her Uncle Ibrahim Sorrie who had sent her to buy some fish at a nearby market, suddenly burst into the parlor where the accused, Ibrahim Dumbuya was forcefully penetrating her sexual organs, and as a result, she said she came out and ran away from the scene.

She went on to narrate that, later on her Uncle Ibrahim Sorrie called and asked her what they were doing together with the accused, stating that she explained what actually transpired between her and the accused person.

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The witness stated that, she was then taken to Aberdeen Police Division where a police medical report form was issued to her and was subsequently approved by the police referral doctor before undergoing medical examination and treatment at the Rainbow Centre, PCMH in Freetown.

The State was represented by A G Bockarie and accused lawyer was conspicuously absent during court sitting. Justice Miatta Samba has adjourned this matter to August 24 2016 for the final witness who is the doctor to give testimony in the trial process.