Mariatu Kargbo was last Saturday rushed to the Connaught Hospital in Freetown after a first aid treatment at the Port Loko Government.

The 42 year old woman is said to have sustained gunshot wounds on her face and throat as signal to an alleged vow of the Robbers, to kill everyone in the village if their captured colleagues were not unconditionally released.

Observers say she would have been a dead woman by now if it were not for the timely intervention of the Police who travelled in the middle of the night from Port Loko to put the situation under control in that village.

Sources say Maforgbeh village which is situated in the Tainkatopa Makama Safronkoh Chiefdom-about 16 Kilometres from Port Loko Town, was invaded by Robbers the previous night.

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The Robbers succeeded in stealing 2 of the cows of one Abu Bakarr Barrie. The said cows were kept in a nearby bush as it was difficult to transport them away in broad day time. The Villagers went in search of the stolen cows by daybreak and were able to discover where they were kept. They went back and mobilised the able bodied men and women in the village to proceed in ambush. The Villagers became suspicious of the unusual movements of some motor bikes in their area the following afternoon. The Riders of those motorbikes continued to roam around the village till late that night.

Maforgbeh village Robbery suspects

Maforgbeh village Robbery suspects

Detective Police Constable 14364 Tarawallie A is the lead investigator in this matter. He said 2 of the Suspected Robbers- Mohamed Kamara aka ‘Bomp-kiraaneh’ of No. 14 Club Lane, Port Loko and Saidu Kanu of Karrifay Village in Dibia Chiefdom, were eventually captured while the others fled to the bush. But the Robbers quickly regrouped and advanced towards the village demanding the release of their colleagues.

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They threatened to kill everyone in the Village if their captured colleagues were not released. In a bid to ensure that they were determined to carry out their threat, some short gun shots were fire whose bullets are believed to have injured the 42 year old woman.

The lead Investigator said the Robbers even fired in their presence and it would have been a blood birth if it were not for the timely arrival of the Police. He said the 3rd Suspect – Abu Bakarr Bangura of Kontha- Katick Village in the Maforki Chiefdom was caught by villagers at Robat while trying to ascertain that the 2 cows were still where they were kept.

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The Crime Officer at the Port Loko Police Station where the matter is being investigated explained how the Villagers were going to apply mob justice on all the captured suspects when they saw the deteriorating condition of Mariatu Kargbo, if it were not for the presence of the Police.

Assistant Superintendent, Michael Lagga said all captured suspects were now being interrogated and will soon be charged to Court.