As education in Sierra Leone continues to go down the gutters unabated, sources closed to the Sierra Leone Police have disclosed to Salone Times that all 300 graduates shortlisted for the Police Exams failed woefully.

Sierra Leone police

The exams which took place last Thursday 25 February 2016 at the Police Training School saw graduates including those with Masters Degrees failed. The exam was conducted on English Language, Mathematics and General Paper.

According to Police Source, this has caused embarrassment to the Inspector General of Police who has summoned and ordered senior Police Officers including some Local Unit Commanders to remark the papers at least to find a way in which some of these graduates will be allowed into the force.

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The recent called by the Police to recruit graduates brought mix feelings amongst Police Officers as some police officers who went for university education few years ago were sacked while others who have been asking for study leave have not been given such opportunity.

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Thus such request by the Police Administration is being deemed by many as way of getting relatives of the powers that be into the force

Whether the failure of the 300 graduates including Masters holders was due to resentment of some members of the police who feel threatened or it’s because of the watered down educational system in the country cannot be determined by this medium.