The US based National Democratic Institute (NDI) is arguably the most prominent of all international governance think tanks that has over the years provided an interactive learning platform for key policy players around the globe.

With its International Leadership Forum already underway, a galaxy of prominent personalities has been invited from Africa, Asia, Europe and America to disscus issues that are integral in shaping the 2016 US electioneering process.

Among these prominent personalities invited to Philadelphia is Ibrahim Bangura, a 30 year old Sierra Leonean working as Legal and Governance Adviser in the Office of the Chief of Staff at State House.

He is the youngest person ever to have held this position after he was appointed at the age of 27. Ibrahim, is also the youngest among participants in a loaded forum of world leaders. It is obvious that such exposure will invariably provide him with a sound understanding of American democracy which emerging democracies like Sierra Leone are seeking to emulate.

Better known by his peers as ‘Beloz’ Ibrahim is a member of the ruling All People’s Congress and is believed to have a legitimate chance of leading the party’s youth wing. He has diligently served the APC Youth League Executive as Director of Foreign Relations and as Legal Adviser, thus making him well grounded in its affairs.

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Known for his philanthropy and effortlessness especially towards his less fortunate party members, the brutally frank Beloz probably represents a new breed of politicians his party needs to confront the emerging issues courtesy of a paradigm shift in contemporal Sierra Leonean party politics.

Already, there are growing calls from influential and right thinking party youths for him to lead the Youth League but Beloz himself has reportedly remained coy about this apparently due to an ingrained habit of making cogent political calculations.

A lawyer by profession, his political skills were clearly visible in the politics of the youthful Sierra Leone Bar Association where he led a campaign that famously saw the outgone Bar President, Ibrahim Sorie serving for two terms.

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There were also rumours that, he was tipped to become Cabinet Minister in in the last cabinet reshuffle. Had fate not decided otherwise, this certainly would have made him the youngest ever Cabinet Minister in Sierra Leone.

Beloz’s participation in such an enviable global platform will no doubt continue to sharpen his leadership skills and provide the requisite credentials that will help to build upon the gains already made by his party over the years. The International Leadership Forum has attracted African leaders like former Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga; Former Nigerian Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. There are also Parliamentarians, political party leaders and diplomats from around the world.