As he embarked on the second phase of his political campaign in the northern province of Sierra Leone, 26 villages within constituency 030 have pledged to support the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) in the December 12, Parliamentary Bye-election.

Mohamed Kamarainba

ADP Chairman , Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray is currently on a massive campaign in the northern part of the country.

His campaign message to the people is for them not to vote the APC while assuring them of development if he comes out victorious in the bye –election.

During the tour, he made on the spot visit to various villages alongside party members doing a sensitization backed with an awareness raising campaign for the people to vote in ADP and turn their back against the APC.

Mansaray and his delegation were given a warmed welcome in various villages including the Chiefdom Headquarter of Mapaki Masabong Chiefdom in Bombali district.

Addressing the People in the Mapaki community Center Bombali Sheboro in their local Temne dialect, Mansaray briefly shared the philosophy of the ADP to the community.

“Opportunity for all and responsibility from all”, they charted loudly.

He appealed to them to vote strongly for ADP come 2018 and then enjoined on them to demonstrate it by first voting the party in the December 12 bye -election.

His message to the people was that contesting in parliamentary Bye-election in constituency 030 is to familiarize himself and the party to the people ahead of both the Parliamentary Bye-election and the 2018 Presidential elections.

Addressing over hundreds of people in various villages, Mansaray said he was in the villages to bridge the gaps between politicians and the grassroots with a view to maintaining a reliable relationship.

He reminded the people that since Sierra Leone gained her independent on 27th April 1961, the country had been badly governed by both APC and SLPP and therefore prevailed on them to see him as a son of the soil by carefully voting for him.

He told the people how committed he will be if he is given a parliamentary mandate by them with their votes and suggested that if he failed to deliver on their wishes let them chase him with sticks and stones if he ever there to come back to campaign in 2018.

He also promised cashew farmers of his party support and encouraged them to register as members of ADP to take full ownership of the party.

Mansaray also promised various youth groups of his continue support in order to capacitate their livelihood.

He assured them of safe and hygienic drinking water, Schools, community health centres and other social amenities among others if he is given the winning ticket .

He warned them not to vote for APC on grounds that it is a party that believe in telling diabolic lies and making fake promises.

He touch on some of the failure and lapses of the APC and preached against the ideology of voting on tribal sentiments stressing that it will not help in the development of the country.

In a jubilant response, the people expressed their frustration and disappointment over the manner in which they have been maltreated and marginalized by the ruling APC government and therefore thanked Mansaray for his visit and the words of hope and courage.