A senior official of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) country office in Freetown has confirmed that, they are willing to fund NEC’s voter registration exercise ahead of the 2018 elections.


He said that, they have made it very clear to the government that they will not be funding the civil registration exercise which the government is determined to proceed with.

A senior Cabinet Minister however informed the Global Times last night that, no donor partner will dictate to the government on what is good for the people of Sierra Leone.

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“We are going ahead with the civil registration exercise…In fact, I can confirm to you that, the contract for the supply of biometric kits for the civil registration exercise has been awarded to a British-registered firm, Smartmatic…This is a renowned and credible firm that deals with electronic voting technology and services worldwide”, the Minister said.

He confirmed that, the government was capable of “fully funding” the civil registration exercise without any donor support.

The main opposition SLPP and ADP have called on the government to allow NEC to undertake the voter registration exercise which is one of their core responsibilities. NEC has no yet openly stated their position on the issue.