Random surveys and thorough assessments conducted by The Times has come out vividly that among all the personalities who have so far exhibited interest in contending the Presidential flagbearer positions of the two leading parties in the country, the All People’s Congress (APC) Party and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), former Anti- Corruption Commission boss, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK) and Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella (KKY) erstwhile Director General of the United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO) are respectively regarded to be the most popular leading contenders of the two aforementioned political parties countrywide.

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara

JFK and KKY are gifted public speakers, both having the innate abilities to whip up the emotions of the populace and articulately dilate on their manifestoes as well as the set out goals of the present Ernest Bai Koroma led Government and how the implementation of the Agenda for Change and Agenda for Prosperity have impacted on the lives of Sierra Leoneans either positively or negatively.

“The preliminary results in the ongoing lower tier elections of the SLPP have clearly demonstrated that Kandeh Yumkella is wining the minds and souls of party supporters in even areas which were hitherto considered to be strongholds of Maada Bio,” a University of Sierra Leone Political Science Lecturer deduced but maintained that with the intransigence of Maada Bio and his so-called Benghazi boys, KKY should brace up to get another nasty taste of caustic politics the SLPP way.

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Another Senior Citizen argued that, “KKY is well educated and once served as a Minister of Trade in this country. He commands support from citizens of the Temne ethnic group and is a very good communicator.

Besides, he has international contacts which he could harness to market this country and full of initiatives if properly implemented as Head of State will catapult development within the country.”

In the case of JFK, majority of the views are that the survey captured highlighted not only his eloquence but also his physical stature which many agree is that of having a commanding figure, widely taken as a prerequisite of any Presidential personality who would command respect and authority.

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Many are likening his body built to the current Chairman and Leader of the APC, Ernest Bai Koroma.

Based on the feedbacks from most people, JFK is highly educated, has a glowing career in the Special Court for Sierra Leone, is among one of the best successful Commissioners of the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) and presently is the Attorney General and Minister of Justice. He is rumored to have an influential support within the hierarchy of the APC.

The Political lecturer went on to postulate that if the two,JFK and KKY, emerge victorious in the conventions of both parties, undoubtedly there is going to be a very interesting Presidential Debate which will be the clash of the Titans and mark a watershed in the political history of this country.

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“Judging from the eloquence of the two political figures I wonder how both of them are going to thrill the nation and what will be the reactions of the wider populace.

But one thing which I am very sure of is that the outcome of the debate will decisively determine the pattern of voting that will take place in 2018,” he predicted.

Meanwhile political desperation has gripped all the aspiring contenders for the APC and SLPP flagbearer positions seeing most making frantic efforts to solicit support especially as time is flying.