National Democratic Alliance (NDA) party has on Friday 27th November presented Mohamed C Bah as their presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections to be held in 2018.

Mohamed C. Bah

At their party headquarters, the executive led by Augusta James Teima presented Mohamed C Bah as their presidential candidate and party leader to a cross section of party supporters as an indication of their dedication and determination to promote their party and to participate in all upcoming elections in the country.

Mohamed C Bah was elected leader of the party at their national party convention held on 7th November at the Young Women’s Christian Association Hall in Freetown.

The NDA leader, Mr. Mohamed C. Bah hailed from the Fullah tribe and Sierra Leonean residing in the United States of America and has been member of the party since 2009 and ever since has been actively involved in the day to day affairs of the party by contributing meaningfully to the party’s development programmes.

In his statement to party members at the party’s headquarter, Mountain Cut, Mohamed C Bah expressed his gratitude to party members and the executive for electing him as their leader and assured the gathering of his loyalty to the party to ensure the party attained higher height in the political landscape of Sierra Leone.

He informed his supporters of his determination and dedication to push the party forward in all political and democratic processes and to participate in all political elections in the country.

He therefore urged members of NDA to stand firm in their political belief and ideology despite the challenges they faced in selling out their political ideas, reasons being that the electorate lacks political education in terms of making good political choices.

“It is time for Sierra Leone to change its political ideas and inspiration and time for the people to make their choices based on national interest instead of individual, regional, colour and race. We should vote for people that have the interest of the country at heart and not for people who are only interested in their personal gains”.

Mr. Bah commended the government of President Koroma for his relentless and resilient efforts to end ebola in the country and “I thank the government for their outstanding performance in the fight against ebola and to the people of Sierra Leone, word cannot described how much respect and admiration I have you for the challenges, trauma and social effect this dreadful epidemic brought upon you. I salute your courage”.

He promised as a leader to bring sanity to the party and will try to engage stalwarts of the party to put their differences aside and work assiduously to promote the party.

The Chairman of the party, Augusta James Teima said the NDA party is working together to bridge their differences. stressing that the party’s executive is ready to embrace party members who have the interest of the party and are ready to return to the party.