Within the time span of January 2015 and December 2015, several new artists have made their entrance into the Sierra Leonean music scene.

Some have made a lot of noise with their music, but only a handful of artists really had us putting their songs on repeat, making noise when a song came on and made serious impact between the aforementioned time period.

We’re fully into the last month of 2015, and in the last 10-12 months, we’ve witnessed the growth of several superstars with hit songs, tours, endorsements and more.

Compiled by Sierraloaded team, the list is a True, undiluted run down of the Artists that shaped, defined and led music among Sierra Leonean consumers throughout the year.

The 20 Hottest Artists in Sierra Leone 2015 list takes into account the hottest names in Sierra Leonean music scene from the last quarter of 2014 till date.

Henceforth, we’ll systematically reveal all 20 names on #TheList on a daily basis.

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15. Nasser Ayoub

Whether you’re #TeamNasserAyoub, a card-carrying member of his Label or just a regular Sierra Leonean music fan, one thing that’s undisputable is the fact that Nasser Ayoub is an household name in Sierra Leone music.

Apart from being a business man an a philanthropist, Nasser’s influence in the Sierra Leone music industry is undisputed. He has been a key player in the promotion of entertainment in sierra Leone. With his personal funds, has supported several young musicians and filmmakers across the country and he is active in helping with several charitable organizations in the country.
‘Tranga Yais Borbor’ was the hit which brought Nasser Ayoub to limelight several years ago. His persistence and consistency in delivering follow up singles considering the nature of his personality earns him a reputable status that cannot be challenged.
Having rocked major playlists and performances in 2015, Nasser Ayoub merits a position among The 20 Hottest Artists In Sierra Leone For 2015.
The 20 Hottest Artists In Sierra Leone For 2015: #15 - Nasser Ayoub
The 20 Hottest Artists In Sierra Leone For 2015: #15 – Nasser Ayoub
 Nasser Ayoub on Salone Talent with Phebean Swill

Nasser Ayoub – Thank God

 Nasser Ayoub – Keep The Faith