Two Imams in the Valunia Chiefdom, Bo district, are reported to have absconded after allegedly having sexual penetration with two teenage girls.

According to a Social Welfare Monitor, Ismeal Sesay, the Family Support Unit of the Bo-West Police Station has prepared warrants of arrest for the two Imams, Simeon Vamboi of Kowama Village and Franco of Pujehun Village.

In an exclusive interview, Sesay told this press that Imam Simeon Vamboi was recently accused of sexually penetrating a 12-year-old girl and that since the matter was reported to the Bo-West Police, the Imam had been on the run, adding that the other Imam, Franco, was also recently accused of having sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl and that the matter was reported to the Bo-West Police but that Franco had since been at large.

The Social Welfare Monitor noted that sexual penetration has been on the high increase in the Valunia Chiefdom and called on both national and international Non-Governmental Organizations and other concerned agencies to concentrate on the chiefdom and ensure that the crime is minimized.