What would have been a lucrative trip for Hassan Samura and Abu Kargbo will now be one of the most memorable encounters in the practise of their profession if they should survive to tell the story. They are currently admitted at the Government Hospital with multiple lacerations. Their conditions are said to be critical.

These are two famous herbalists that hail from Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom in the Northern District of Kambia and have a certificate from the Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers Union. Their speciality is washing away all forms of ill luck, curing related illnesses and drumming good fortune for interested persons. They are so famous that their services were recently hired to perform at Maporteh Village in the sister District of Port Loko by one Pa Ibrahim. The Herbalists were recommended to Pa Ibrahim by one Pa Abu of the same Maporteh Village. Pa Abu became so much convinced that he decided to extend an invitation to the 2 Herbalists. The initial purpose for the invitation was to get rid of what is referred to as ‘a witch stone’ from the residence of Pa Abu.

Hassan Samura and Abu Kargbo eventually travelled to Maporteh and agreed to do the work at the cost of 1.6 Million Leones. A deposit of 600,000 Leones was given for the commencement of the job. At about 10 pm on the day of their arrival to Maporteh , Pa Abu and Pa Ibrahim went to see the Herbalists in their bedroom with a different agenda. According to the Crime Officer at the Port Loko Police Station where the matter is being investigated, Pa Abu explained how he has a land dispute with someone in Freetown whom he would want them to get rid of. He said that was the actual purpose they have been invited and would like them to get rid of that man at all cost. But he was told by the Herbalists that they have long been advised to stop the killing of people.
When the Herbalists maintained their position in spite the repeated appeals, they were asked to refund the 600, 000 Leones deposit. But they refused to give back the money with the argument that they had spent money to purchase some herbs from their seniors in Tonkoh Limba and have also paid their way to Maporteh village. Because of the pressure they were faced with in that strange land, they consented to give a second thought on the task and promised to come up with a final decision the following morning. But their actual intention was to escape from the village later that night.
They succeeded in sneaking away 2 hours later. But their departure was noticed shortly after they had left the village. Hassan and Abu arrived in Port Loko at about 1.30 am and were intercepted by one Alimamy Bankosoka . Even though they explained that they are herbalists and not thieves, yet they were taken to one Mr. Saidu at Falaba Road for further interrogation. Another man was called upon in the person of Pa Bakie Mansaray who went along with a cutlass. Pa Abu and Pa Ibrahim surfaced at the scene where the 2 herbalists were being interrogated who declared them as thieves. The situation changed and people started beating them up. Hassan Samura sustained cutlass wounds on his head while Abu Kargbo claimed to have been injected with a strange substance.
Assistant Superintendent M.J Lagga is the Crime Officer at the Port Loko Police Station. He said in an interview with me that Police is investigating a case of wounding with intent.