In July 2014, the government of Sierra Leone signed an agreement for a landmark renewable energy project, that could generate and supply much needed clean electricity to homes and businesses across the capital.

Solar Farm Ghana

But the Freetown Solar Park project, costing $18 million, has disappeared from the government’s radar. No solar, no electricity – no money.

And no one in high places in Sierra Leone wants to talk about the Freetown Solar Park Project, despite attempts by the Sierra Leone Telegraph to obtain information about progress.

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On the 31st of June 2014, Sierra Leone’s ministry of finance and economic development announced that when completed, the Freetown Solar Park would provide six Megawatts of electricity.

Speaking at the signing ceremony for the project, minister of finance and economic development – Dr Kaifala Marah (Photo) said: “We wish on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone to thank Mr. Siray Timbo – Special Envoy and Ambassador to the UAE; the Ministry of Energy; Mr Bahige Annan – The Consul General of Sierra Leone in Dubai; and Mr. Filip Matwin – General Manager of Advanced Science and Innovation Company (ASIC) LLC / OGI, for coordinating and putting together the winning bid.

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“ASIC/OGI will facilitate co-financing and management of the project in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy.”

So what happened to the $18 million funding that was approved for this project? Read Details on Sierra Leone Telegraph