Sierra Leoneans the world over were shocked by the sudden death of Moseray Gibril Santige Fadika whose depressing event took place in London, where unfortunately he had an attack.

Late Moseray Fadika

Here are few things you should know about the late Philanthropist:

1. Moseray Fadika is but a paragon of virtue and has been a good man and a helper of poor people. He shared everything he has with people.

2. And when he was the CEO of African Minerals Limited (AML), he has self-righteously employed countless number of Sierra Leoneans including foreign nationals, thereby giving them hope to take good care of their families.
Some young people were giving life to live by this great man and some are now responsible house owners, business and the rest.

3. There had always been people waiting for Fadika at his gate at Hill Station, some coming with problems ranging from school fees to house rent they have to pay and Fadika will not only listen to them but had helped them too.

4. He has been the one that has been sponsoring most of the amateur community leagues in the country, helping talented footballers wanting to become professional players.

5. At times, and without the support of Fadika, some of these community leagues wouldn’t have been held owing to the amount of money it takes to organize those leagues.

6. He has been the Chairman of the Eastern Lions Football Club in which he contributed hugely to the successes of the team.

7. It will be a remiss if no one mentioned Fadika’s contribution to the development of culture and music in Sierra Leone. Of course, Fadika is one of the few Sierra Leoneans that has promoted the Music Industry in this country.

He has helped most of the musicians in doing their songs and the latest before his demise is a Musician called Dalass Bantan.

8. He has been the major sponsor of the famous masquerade called, “Paddle” and has been helping other ‘ordelays’ in the country. Fadika will always tell people that he saw nothing wrong with dancing masquerade and supporting culture.

9. Apart from his support to the culture of Sierra Leone, he has been a devout Muslim. He has supported the building of mosques all over the country and at the same time helping people to perform one of the pillars of Islam- Hajj. During Fast month, Moseray will donate food and other items to Muslims across the country.

10. Despite the fact that he was a Muslim, he has extended his heart of giving to the Christian Community. He has helped in the construction of churches across the country and has also helped the Christian community.

11. Moseray always believed that as someone who has seen and tasted poverty when he was coming up at the Magazine Community in the Eastern Part of Freetown, he should be the one that should help others defeat poverty. Thus his slogan, “we are borne poor but we must not die poor.”

12. Fadika died a rich man not only because he has money but because he has been helping others be what they are and has had the cravings for making people great.

13. Fadika died not able to accomplish his ambition of becoming the President of this country but I believe he died a good man indeed. [By Ofoh Di Foh]