The All Peoples Congress (APC) Secretary General, Ambassador Osman Yansaneh has said that the best candidate will be chosen to represent Constituency 050 in the Port Loko District when the time is ripe.


According to Amb. Yansaneh who spoke to Awoko last weekend, the party always goes for the best and this time will not be different as they have to replace Hon. Isata Kabia who was of high repute with some at the same level or who surpasses her.

“We have 12 intending candidates of which we have three female candidates among. What the party hierarchy is doing is to work with the people and make sure the popular choice is given the symbol. The reason why we have so many interested people is because of the party’s popularity and because we are able to attract quality people to our party.”

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He said the party is highly marketable and he is not surprised that so many people are interested to join the party as well as vying for positions.

Talking about rumours of in-fighting for the symbol, the secretary general made it very clear that it is not true as there is no reason for that. He said all of them are campaigning to the people and trying to get good standing.

Amb. Osman Yansaneh averred that people should stop speculating and creating problems for the party and the interested people because, he says, it will not augur well for the constituency nor the party.

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“We will respect the people by giving them the best from the rest and for now I can’t say whether she is a woman or a man, until the time is right. But I urge all to stay calm and wait for the party to decide. We are a party of high repute and we are very democratic as we will make sure the right thing is done so that we can retain the seat.”

He said the outgone Member of Parliament is of high repute, so the standard that has been set they will not go beyond it.