The Judge adjudicating the murder trial of Mbaimba Moi Foray, Foday Amara Kamara and Avril Oredolar Renner, Justice Alusine Sesay has expressed discontentment and frustration over the conspicuous absence of three jurors which rendered the Court unfit for the accused person’s defense lawyers to address.

Law Court Building Sierra Leone

Justice Alusine Sesay reminded the jurors that the trial has reached a very sensitive and critical stage which requires the full commitment and cooperation of jurors to ensure that they are present in court on every adjourned date and prepared to go on with the trial process.

According to Justice Sesay, at the end of previous court proceedings he adjourned for two weeks to enable the jurors who appeared to be showing a snail pace attitude towards the trial process, to prepare themselves well for subsequent proceedings, and also for the court to decide whether the accused persons are culpable of the offences preferred against them.

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He informed the audience that the court has a mission to ensure that the trial of Mbaimba Moi Foray, Foday Amara Kamara and Avril Oredolar Renner who are before the court for Conspiracy and Murder to decide their guilt or innocence, stating that the jurors should not consider the trial a child’s play, but a very grave and sensitive matter that requires the commitment and full cooperation of all parties concerned.

Such attitude towards the court, Justice Sesay said sends a very bad image about the conduct of jurors who much is expected from, and that the jurors should take in cognizance the fact that, they have to give verdict at the end of the trial.

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He maintained that, is it incumbent upon jurors to be punctual in court on every adjourned date and to pay great attention to the submissions of lawyers representing the accused persons, so as to enable jurors collate a perfect comprehensive evidences of all witness that testified at the trial process, and for their final verdict on the matter.

Justice Alusine Sesay concluded by urging the Foreman who is head of the twelve man committee of jurors to be in active contact with his colleagues jurors, and also explore all avenues humanly possible them to be present in court on the next adjourned date.

The 1st accused, Mbaimba Moi Foray and 3rd accused, Avril Oredolar Renner were represented by Lawyer I.P.Mammie and H.M.Gevao, while the2 nd accused person, Foday Amara Kamara was represented by Musa Pious Hemor Sesay.

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Justice Alusine Sesay has adjourned this matter to Wednesday 17 August 2016.

Meanwhile, when the court adjourned, the 3rd accused Avril Oredollah Renner was spotted leaving the High court room limping on her right leg and complaining to the escorting officers of the maximum prison, while she was been led to the court prison cell together with Mbaimba Moi Foray and Foday Amara Kamara.