Sources close to the Secretariat of the Commissions of Inquiry have informed the Global Times that at least eleven Lebanese contractors/suppliers are to appear before the Commissions of Inquiry relating to several government contracts in the Ministries of Defence, Health and Sanitation and Agriculture.

ACC sources confirmed yesterday that they have interrogated several government contractors/suppliers including Lebanese nationals and they are collaborating with the Commissions of Inquiry.

“We have obtained statements from several government contractors/suppliers but we are not in a position now to give out details…Investigations are still ongoing”, ACC sources told the Global Times last night.

Meanwhile, a senior Police source at Police Headquarters has informed the Global Times that since the GTT (Government Transition Team) Report was released last year, several business people have been informed not to travel out of the country.

“We have already seized the travel documents of some government contractors/suppliers… Some of them are being surveillance on a daily basis”, said a senior Police source.

The three Commissions of Inquiry are due to commence sittings on Tuesday 29th January 2019, according to a senior government spokesman.