National Fire Force has expressed frustration at the attitude of youth who attacked them while they tried to put out a raging fire that displaced over 1000 residents of Angola town, Fort Street in Freetown.


Sub officer, Brima Koroma, who was at the scene of probably the city’s biggest fire incident in recent years, said they were only informed about the fire incident at around 8pm and that on their arrival their work was obstructed by some agitated youngsters making their job of fighting the fire, which lasted for five hours, extremely difficult.

He stated that they were now collecting data of victims that would help them put together their preliminary report, which would then be forwarded to the Office of National Security’s disaster management department for onward determination.

The fire incident was said to have consumed more than 140 houses.

Some residents and victims of the fire claimed that some youth living around the community had laid claim to a piece of land and had threatened to burn down the place so that they could eventually sell the plot of land to some church officials.

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“I lost everything that I had worked for in my whole life in that fire and the government needs to come to our aid and try to go after the suspected youth,” a community elder, who feared he could be attacked if identified, said.

He further stated that the alleged youth had always told them that they were going to find a way to sell that land, adding that the same youths had asked them to pay them some money as a form of tax but they had refused to do so. He disclosed that the area was a government land before they went and occupied it as squatters for many years now.